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Nissan GT-R mungkin biasa saja banyak boleh jumpa. Tapi dengan karbon begini, dengan rim LMGT NIsmo, kita dah boleh agak, ini bukan model biasa.

Ya. Ini adalah GT-R Spec V (V-SPec GTR). Tapi bukan itu sahaja. Ia dah siap modified oleh pemilik sekarang dan sekarang nak dijual.

Menggigil Abang Japar nak dail nombor tanya harga, last-last tak berani. Kalau ada siapa yang tanya harga mohon share dalam komen.


This is a very rare GTR Spec V No. 18 of 109 worldwide which engineered by Nismo Omori Japan.

This model is rated the highest specifications among r35 family. It is design for 1000km endurance (spec V) and fastest nurburgring lap (nismo). As such, this rare and collectable model is a perfect design by NISMO for a very selected customers who have enough adrenaline.

1. Enhance gearbox system for an aggresive gearing for 1000km endurance. and yet the gearbox is free from weird sound than normal r35 model.

2. Use a bigger turbo size and rating as same as NISMO 2014 model.

3. Dedicated NISMO ECU for optimun power output.

4. Dedicated NISMO TCM for excellance transmission control.

5. NISMO Titanium exhaust as same as NISMO 2014 model

6. Carbon fiber air ducks to cool front and rear brake system. 100 deg celcius colder than normal gtr.

7. Dedicated diffuser installed for rear transmission that help to cool down transmission oil for aggressive driving style. Not available for other models.

8. Over boost system that make spec V strongest relative other models and engage for 80 sec with an extra 15 ib ft of torque. It will propel this car ahead and smoke the competetor with high torque.

9. Special Coated internal trottle for smooth air flow

10. Full of carbon composite material for weight reduction including 2 units transaxles. The lightest model in r35 family.

11. Brembo brake with Carbon Ceramic Disc (only for spec v)

12. Revised VDC (vehicle dynamic control) that permit launch at lower rpm. this will give less stress to transmission while still allowing ligthning-quick take-off.

13. Front tyres are offset at 1.7 degree for a better handling at cornering. This is a standard design for spec V which make this model more enjoying high speed at curves.

14. Speed cut is removed by NISMO.

15. Speed limit is more than 330km/hr all the upgrading works were done at NISMO OMORI PLANT JAPAN


1. Nismo original dry carbon front bumper (worth 40k)
2. Nismo original dry carbon front diffuser (worth 15k)
3. Nismo original dry carbon side sirkit (worth 20k)
4. Nismo original dry carbon rear bumper (worth 40k)
5. Original R35 2017 dry carbon rear underboard
6. Nismo 2016 front headlamp
7. Nismo 2016 rear light
8. Nismo meter
9. Nismo gear knob
10. Nismo Dry Carbon bucket seat (worth 40k)
11. Nismo LMGT by Rays (worth 30k)

so many extra to list down. 
all original parts will be given to new owner.

Kindly contact us 016-4454594 for detail and appointment.



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